Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Whitney Simms of Paper on Stone. I’m thrilled this delightful shop has landed in Lexington on Limestone. Take a moment to browse + I’m sure you’ll be penciling in your planner a time to visit. Oh! And right next door is the new gelato shop, Sorella, as if you needed more reasons to visit.

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Photos curtsey of Kiersten Cleveland


Whitney also runs Type Writer Calligraphy. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked for a calligraphy recommendation. I’m so pleased to now know about Whitney, her work is stunning.


We asked Whitney a few of Mellen’s favorite questions; enjoy reading about coming home, the power of a funny card, and the charming personality of the south.


What makes Lexington home?

I was born and raised in Lexington. Not only is my family here but the majority of my childhood friends have all moved home recently as well. For me, coming home to Lexington has been encouraging and exciting since I have been living out west for the majority of the past seven years. Home is most certainly where the heart is and I am very happy to be back!


Favorite things about the south? 

After living out west for so long, I have such a greater appreciation for the southern culture. Being one of the oldest areas in the country, the South has had time to develop and thus has created a very charming personality. I feel grateful to be apart of it. 


What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

All the thoughts in my head about what I have to get done!


Describe your worst day.

Feeling scattered and unfocused. I feel like I don’t accomplish anything when I have too much going on and can’t give something my undivided attention.


Describe your best day.

Recently I have had a few returning customers bring in friends and family from out-of-state to show them the store. It’s a great feeling when they tell me I am first on their list of places to go.


How did you decide to open Paper on Stone?

Owning a paper goods store has always been my dream job. I have always loved the process of writing letters and mailing them off hoping my recipient would be just as excited to receive my note as I was to send it. When I moved home from Oregon in May, I knew I was finally in the right place at the right time to make my dream a reality. There are so many clever greeting cards and quality paper good products out there, but it seemed like none of them were in Lexington or even Kentucky. Opening Paper on Stone has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am so lucky I get to share my passion with so many wonderful people who appreciate it equally.


Best pick-me-up?

A funny card! It’s amazing how many of the one-line greeting cards I sell make people laugh out loud.


Favorite local spots?

Some of my favorites include Kentucky Native at Michler’s Florist, Pasta Garage on Delaware, County Club and of course Sorella Gelateria which is next door and is becoming quite the habit.