Valentines Day is truly one of my favorite holidays. Probably, because it is a holiday centered around the acts of card-making and card-giving. Just my calling in life, that’s all.

These few days leading up to my treasured holiday, as I prepare to shower my little ones in home-made cards, sweets and hugs I have been impacted by the simple message that I must learn to truly love others, without criteria or impression.



The message is not about others, it’s about me.

Who am I to think I can judge {= not love} someone? I am a product of my background and the influencers that were most often out of my control. Same for that someone – they are a product of their history, background, decisions, that for everyone began before we had much say. Everyone started as my little ones are now, depending on someone else.

I choose to love, not to criticize, bad-mouth, or distrust. How does it help me to look at someone in anything other than love? I shut off opportunities to learn, explore and the lucky occasion to change for the better.