I have been thinking a lot about the relationship between Mellen, Wall Street Greetings, my personal life, and all other pieces of inspiration that flow heavily in and out of my thoughts day-to-day.

Ten years ago I joined Wall Street Greetings, taking advantage of the unique opportunity to learn from a successful greeting card company, right here in my beloved #LexingtonKentucky. Just a few months later I started my own small stationery online shop, Mellen Designs.

As I describe in the video below (thank you #AdobeSpark), I’m surprised at how I expected, planned and labored to achieve growth for Mellen, but I did not plan for personal growth. Looking at where I am now – wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, business leader, encourager, entrepreneur visionary … I   H A V E   G R O W N !

Thank heavens that we do not know it all when we start out. I am so very pleased to be President and part owner of wonderful Wall Street Greetings. I am so honored to be Rory and Betty’s mama. It is my privilege to share everyday with my wonderful husband. If I only focus on growth in Mellen, I’ll miss all the other good stuff that makes up @maryellenharden.

And, if you know me, you know I’m serious – There is so much yet to do!

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Unplanned Growth

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