What makes Lexington home?

The people. I am so blessed to live down the street from sisters, for my daughter to grow-up a 2-minute drive from both sets of grandparents and with a group of life-time friends that my husband and I can always call on for fun. This is a beautiful city. Whether touring a horse farm, walking downtown to the farmer’s market, or cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats, tradition and excellence win. It is also a very creative place, the many colleges that make up our city culture bring ambition and new-beginnings to the forefront.


Favorite thing about the south?

Cheese grits! But seriously, the Southern warmth received from friends, family, our vibrant color pallets and patterns and in our food sums up what I most adore about the south.


What makes you get out of bed?

I guess I’ve always been a busy bee, and definitely a morning person. I’ve realized not everyone’s mind is going through about 10 projects at a time, whether it’s planning a card line, deciding on details for a party, setting a marketing strategy or decorating a part of my home- I love creating. But ultimately, I’m driven by the desire to make a difference and impact those in my sphere of influence for the better.


Best thing about being a mom?

I had no idea how much fun it would be. Having a family was always a priority, but the joy was completely unexpected. I love being a mom!


Describe your worst day.

Sitting in a snake pit eating mushrooms, the worst.


Describe your best day.

Sitting on a boat at sunset overlooking the sparkle of the water and hues of the sky after a day spent with family on the lake.


How did you decide to begin Mellen?

I have always wanted to work creatively. Looking back to a family trip to Disney World in the third grade touring MGM Studios I watched artists working over sketch pads and was mesmerized by the possibility of a career in design. The dream developed to running my own stationery company. I worked in local gift boutique in college that allowed me to study competitors. I spent spring break developing my first card line and then found myself graduating and joining a greeting card company located right here in the bluegrass, Wall Street Greetings. Through their support I started Mellen. Today I am President of Wall Street Greetings and enjoy keeping Mellen going on the side.


Best pick-me-up?

Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream … or a quick run through my neighborhood. Both do the key. You see where I get stuck?!


Favorite local spots?

Breakfast at Alfalfas. Shopping at Peggy’s Gifts, Adele, Omar+Elsie, For Friends, High Street Fly, World’s Apart… why pick one? Casual dinner at Suggins or treat yourself to Merrick Inn, enjoy old Lexington tradition at both. Farmer’s Market in Fifth Third Pavilion on Saturday morning. A run at the arboretum to blow some steam. A sweet treat at Graeter’s. A night out a Belle’s.