I swoon over florals. Which of course comes across in my designs… flowers for days my friends.

Mellen Flowers


Thanks to my littlest sister who seems to always be showing me the newest and bestest, I was introduced to Amaranthus Paper and Flora a small business specializing in paper flowers. This bouquet was a gift in the hospital after Betty’s arrival and now it sits forever to enjoy in her nursery.



Cozied up our hospital stay



Amaranthus Instagram

Amaranthus Instagram Goodness

Top three great things about this small biz:

  1. It’s a mother + daughter duo.
  2. Half of it is lexington, ky based, I believe the daughter half.
  3. Their Giving Initiative.

You really should take time to click and learn more. The vibrant color and truly serene photography of their lovely bouquets are sure to delight. If you’re like me, you’ll start a running list of all those in your life deserving of this wonderful little secret you’ve found.

And, can we talk about the giving initiative? Hands down. My favorite part of the hearts of small business people. Hand claps all around for these two.

I’m using this lil’ sprig to capture Miss Betty’s growth each month.

Betty's Measuring Stick

My sweet one at 1 month